The best defensive training available for teams and individuals.

Master Instructors

Our instructors are master marksmen and tacticians from a variety of backgrounds including competition shooters, active and former law enforcement, and safety & protection experts.

Superior Training

Our classes use classroom and hands-on instruction to develop situational awareness and marksmanship skills, creating individuals who are significantly more prepared for the possibility of a life-threatening situation.

Better Facilities

Our private indoor and outdoor ranges, class space, and on-site gunsmithing combine to provide the best possible environment for serious skill development.

Our nra & lsp Licensed instructors

Matt Parker


Vernon Bradley


Course Types

Concealed Carry

  • Handgun Basics
    Louisiana Concealed Carry Class
    Renewal Classes
    Additional 8 hours training
    And More

Basic Defensive Handgun

  • Stance
    Trigger Press
    Sight Alignment
    And More

Tactical Handgun

  • Scenarios
    Moving Targets
    And More

Course Schedule

Louisiana Concealed Carry

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Call (318) 366-1314 to sign up